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Rugged, Commercial Grade Ozone Generators Will Solve Your Toughest Odour Problems
Are you looking for an environmentally friendly and highly effective method of reducing or eliminating odours from your home or building?
Jenesco Ozone Generators are a proven effective technology to remove all types of odors including smoke, tobacco, pet urine, sweat, body odors, skunk odor, off-gasing...... Almost any odour can be completely and permanently eliminated using a Jenesco Ozone Generator
Jenesco Ozone Generators are used around the world to rid odours,
mold, and mildew from
Vacation Homes
Storage Units

Fitness Centers

Long Term Care Residences
Sports Equipment
Trucks & Trailers
Mobile Homes

Pet Stores
Butcher Shops
Pet Stores
Grocery Stores
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Our most versatile unit.
This ozone generator has double the maximum output of our Pro-4
Our most powerful unit.
Perfect for restoration contractors and mold & mildew remediation.
The personal ozone generator.
Keep your car, washroom, pet areas, camper, or kitchen smelling fresh.
This unit is perfect for getting rid of odours from hotel rooms, vehicles, and apartments.
This low priced, basic unit is great for removing odors from homes and is a favourite of auto detailers
A powerhouse of a unit. Twice the output of an FM-1 for fast deodorizing and killing mould, mildew, and bacteria.
Need a unit to shock a room or home, then like to reduce the output for deoderizing occupied areas? This may be your best choice.
Designed for home, office, or commercial use, this unit features both a timer and variable output for total flexibility.
Designed for home, office, and commercial use, this unit features a micro-processor that allows you to cycle the unit on and off at preset times throughout the day.Also features variable fan speed and ozone output.
Price Includes Free Shipping to almost anywhere in Canada
Buy in Canada and Save!
Look at this example:
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada based
Distrubutor for Jenesco - Ozone Generators Elimintate Odors and Kill Mold and Mildew
Remove those awful odours from your hockey and football gear.
Remove odours from your hunting clothes.
Get rid of odours from work clothes that your washing machine can't.
Scent Remover II
Reg. $989.00
Save $190 on the Pro-44!
(Limited time offer)
Now Just
Reg. $789.00
Save $100.00
on the FM-14!

Limited time offer
Prices include shipping and handling to almost anywhere in Canada
All pricing in Canadian Dollars
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