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Ozone Generator Uses

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Manufacture's Representative for Jenesco - Ozone Generators Elimintate Odors and Kill Mold and Mildew
Nature's Deodorizor
and Disinfectant
"Ozone destroys most odours, moulds, fungi, and micro-organisms leaving only pure oxygen behind"
"Make absolutely sure your home is free of any offensive odors such as mould, mildew, cigar, cigarette, and pet urine. This is the number one turn off to any prospective buyer and no matter how much effort you put into making small rooms look larger, your efforts will be wasted if the home has an offensive smell.

Remember, your home is a reflection of your personality and to the degree you market your home's personality to prospective buyers you will have a much better chance of selling the home if it stands out in an inviting way."

Real Estate advice to home sellers from Dave Pleskac of the popular 710-KCMO Radio Show and Fox 4 News, Kansas City
Ozone is ideal for removing smell in automobiles, limousines, buses, airplanes, recreational vehicles, rental cars, vans, & boats.
Buildings: Homes, basements, rest rooms, locker rooms, fitness facilities.
Sporting Gear: Kills bacteria and permanently removes odours from Hockey and Football pads, uniforms, skates, bags, etc.
Pet area odours: Especially those from cat urine are very difficult to control. In residential homes, veterinary offices and kennels, ozone generators can treat odour-holding surfaces so well that it makes the presence of animals hardly noticeable. The use of high ozone "shock treatments" while the pets are out of the room helps remove stubborn pet odours and significantly improve air quality. Disinfecting pet areas of moulds and bacteria is beneficial for pets and their owners alike.

When people are sick and confined to their bedrooms for extended periods of time, germs and bacteria build up in the room. A good shock treatment with Ozone while the room is unoccupied can be very beneficial in destroying these harmful contaminants, and even urine odour, if present.
General Commercial

Commercially, ozone generators are used by carpet cleaners, car washes, auto detailing, car dealers, apartment managers, fire departments, and professional cleaning services for smoke and flood restoration.
Dry cleaners are using ozone generators to deodorize smoke damaged apparel and hockey equipment cleaning.
Hospitality & Long Term Care

Ozone is great for recreating a smoke free room in hotels, motels or guest rooms. The
Jenesco PT1012K ozone generators are great choices to get rid of the odours from beer, perfume, vomit, and the other odours left behind.

Restaurants, kitchens, food services, walk-in coolers, grocery stores, butcher shops, office buildings, warehouses, motels, hotels, resorts, designated smoking areas, trash compactors, dumpsters, and more
Food and Agriculture
Ozone gives added life to fresh fruit and vegetables reduces early losses in meat, poultry and fish. Florists use ozone generators in their coolers to extend flower life. Ozone is used in cold cellars to extend potato life.
The Food and Drug Administration has just amended its food additive regulations to permit ozone use as an anti microbial agent. The amendment, published in the U.S. Federal Register on June 28, 2001 allows for ozone use in gaseous and aqueous uses, and for safe and effective anti microbial treatment of meat, poultry, and other food products.
The  ozone generator is used on the farm to reduce livestock odours, combat airborne and surface pathogens, and infection causing bacteria, viruses and spores in breeding areas, particularly in the poultry and swine industries.